“His classes are always a joy”

I was 68 years old when I had the good fortune to begin my strength training with Eric.  After decades of physical neglect, resulting in chronic, recurring back and neck pain, I thought it would take years to correct.  Within weeks, using Pilates and Yoga techniques, I noticed dramatic improvements in my range of motion, my posture, my energy.   Within months, the pain was gone, and today I am in the best shape of my life.  Eric brings not only great knowledge and experience to his work, but also great energy, a firm but gentle approach, and a wonderful sense of humor.  His classes are always a joy.  I owe him so very much.  Thank you, Eric Semet!  

— Stephen Reinhardt, Louisville, Kentucky

"His positive outlook is infectious"

Eric's enthusiasm and energy make his classes a joy.  His positive outlook is infectious and his training and experience allow him to tailor a program targeted to the specific needs of his students.

— Terry Feathers, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Make it fun, make it safe, and make it feel good!"

Make it fun, make it safe, and make it feel good!  While training with Eric, I learned quickly that these were his goals in leading a yoga class.  As a certified Yoga Integrated Science Teacher, he approaches each individual as a unique design of anatomy and biomechanics, learning that each person in a class should practive within their range allowing postures to fit their body type thereby avoiding injury and leaving a session feeling energized.  Eric's unique approach to visualization while instructing provides a motivational dialogue and allows class participants to escape into a place where living in the moment brings a sense of peace and happiness.  With love and compassion, Eric leads safe and effective yoga classes connecting the mind and the body.  You will leave each session with a smile on your face and a fire in your heart!

— Joy Wade Perry, Columbus, Indiana

"He is passionately dedicated to the art and science of yoga"

Eric is more than can be put on paper in a mere paragraph, his caring presence is felt immediately in his classes.  Eric is more than his impressive resume, which would tell you he is passionately dedicated to the art and science of yoga. Then his teaching technique of leading you to strength, safe sound and fully integrated into body and spirit becomes apparent.  His unique talent of inclusiveness also makes him a awesome yoga teacher, the ability to make everyone feel we are in this together. Isn't this the yoga of heartfelt compassion? Hope to meet you in class.

Donna O'Bryan, Louisville, Kentucky

"He also respects my limitations"

I have taken yoga classes of and on for several years. I generally start when I feel some stiffness in my legs or pain in my back, but the pressures of life have a tendency to get in the way and I find reasons to take fewer and fewer classes until I stop altogether. Then a year later I start over again. Now that I am taking yoga classes with Eric I can't imagine stopping. I feel so much better. He really puts a lot of cardio into the program so I am huffing and puffing by the end. But he also respects my limitations. He pushes me just slightly farther than I want to go but never so far that I could get injured. Since I met Eric I have lost weight and gained stamina. I'm still not as flexible as I would like to be but in time I think that may change. I just hope he doesn't get tired of the humidity and move back to France. I can't imagine finding another instructor like him.

Mark Steinberg, Miami, Florida